Eating for Life

Could changing your diet change your life?
What you eat has a significant effect on your long term health. A good diet and the best lifestyle choices can support a healthier, more active, happier life. Nutritional therapy aims to identify what’s best for your body, using evidence-based advice to help you improve your wellbeing. It’s suitable for both adults and children, great for people who are struggling with health issues or stress, and an excellent way to optimise energy levels, sports performance, fertility and conception.
Everyone can benefit when good dietary advice is tailored to the needs of the individual. Take a look at all the ways I can help, and if you’d like me to work with you – just ask.

You can email me: or give me a call on 0208 994 5822.

What our clients say

” I can not recommend Eleanor highly enough.  After suffering with low thyroid, and continually having to increase my synthetic thyroid hormone replacement medication, Eleanor identified the condition as autoimmune thyroiditis –  Hashimotos.  A plan was put together to manage the underlying autoimmunity and after 6 months, re-testing my thyroid antibodies, they were back down registering in the normal range, which was confirmed by my GP.  My results have been remarkable. ”  Darren, London
Hashimotos Thyroiditis

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