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Changing your diet has the power to change your health Working with a Nutritional Therapist can help you reach your goals faster, identifying dietary and lifestyle choices that will support a healthier, more active, happier you.  By identifying what’s best for your body, using evidence-based advice, you can improve your wellbeing.  It’s suitable for both adults and children, great for people who are struggling with health issues or stress, and an excellent way to optimise energy levels, reduce the risk of chronic diseases, and optimise fertility and conception. Everyone can benefit when good dietary advice is tailored to the needs of the individual. You can read about my areas of special interest, or take a look at some of the news blog articles, and if you’d like me to work with you, I have clinics in both Chiswick, West London, and Woking, Surrey.

You can email me: or give me a call on 0208 994 5822.

What our clients say

I consulted Eleanor primarily to help with my chronic rhinitis and loss of smell and taste, which strangely developed after a cold and a period of fairly acute stress, though I’m not sure it was linked. After several trips to the GP and trying several different therapies, including acupuncture, none of which made any difference, I was referred to an ENT specialist in April 2013. The specialist thoroughly checked my nasal cavity, which resulted in no sign of anything untoward, but despite all efforts and therapies my loss of smell and taste did not improve. Eleanor took a very comprehensive health history and analysed my diet and came up with a protocol that was anti-inflammatory and designed to ease congestion in my nose and sinuses.It did involve some supplements, but it worked and within a week or two, my sense of smell started to return. It took some weeks for it to be back to normal, but I have now regained my full sense of taste and smell again which is as good as it was prior to my situation at the end of 2012.
Pippa, Surrey
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