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Easter Indulgence

One of several responses to my Spring Newsletter (on the gut microbiome) was do I have a good gluten-free chocolate cake recipe!

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Spring 2017 newsletter

The Daffodils are bringing welcome colour to the garden and Magnolia blossoms are on the cusp of bursting forth as I type this. It’s definitely my favourite time of year! This newsletter will focus on a subject that I feel genuine passion about – gut health and the gut microbiome!

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“Good for Gut Health”

What is ‘gut health’ – is it merely an absence of gut disease?  ‘Good for gut health’ is a term often emblazoned on food packaging, though rarely do they explain what aspect of the food validates the claim.

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Christmas 2016

This Christmas I have some tips for managing digestion with over-full tummies, and some gluten-free mince pies to impress your guests (they’ll never guess!). And my sign off has some news on ‘Nutritional Therapy and Public’. Health’.

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Gluten-free mince pies

Mince pies are synonymous with Christmas, and great to have in store for visitors dropping in at Christmas. If you’re gluten-free you don’t have to miss out! This recipe more than passed the test in my household, and knocks the spots off shop bought ones!

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Nutrition and Alzheimer’s Disease – “cognition does not exist in isolation”

We all know someone who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, but how many of us know that research is now categorising it as a ‘disease of civilisation’ – i.e. caused by our modern diet and lifestyle?

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September 4th 2016 marks the start of Migraine Awareness week. Click on the link for more information,

Migraine Awareness Week

and read on for some useful nutritional advice:

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Nutritional Therapy in Primary Care?

More than once I have heard a patient say ‘we need one of your kind in every GP practice’, and I smile and I think – so true, but in my lifetime?

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Spring Newsletter

I know Spring is a little confused this year – some of you have had daffodils in bloom since Christmas, but one thing’s for sure, longer days, lighter evenings and most importantly warmer sunny weather will mean the onset of the dreaded Hay Fever season.

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It’s a Bug’s Life!

Most people are aware that the human body is filled and covered with trillions of bacteria, they outnumber our own cells 10 to 1 and we symbiotically co-exist – with an absolute interdependence.

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