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Vitamin D & Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Gut health is a common denominator with most of my clients and this being summer, I found a recent study that looks at the sunshine Vitamin (vit D) and gut permeability very interesting indeed, especially for those diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease.

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Fertility & Nutrition

There are many reasons for conception and pregnancy to elude seemingly fertile couples, but ‘Unexplained Infertility’ is a common label given to many undergoing investigations. However, many of these couples, when initially presenting to GPs, are directed straight towards pharmacologically ‘assisted conception’ and IVF, without any other consideration.  Should this be the case? 

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Weight Loss!

Feeling confused about all the theories on weight management?  and Cholesterol? You’re not alone. For decades we’ve been told fat is bad for you, now suddenly it will help you lose weight and is essential for mood and brain health! 

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Blood pressure & Blueberries

All sorts of functional ‘Superfoods’ have recently been jumping on the bandwagon of nutritional health claims. Blueberries got the ball rolling over a decade ago.  Marketing health ‘claims’ can be persuasive, but don’t always reflect the facts with any real transparency. This blog hopes to unpick the science behind so-called super-foods, and separate the wheat from the chaff.

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Blood Sugar

It’s not uncommon for concepts like ‘blood sugar regulation’ and ‘insulin resistance’, used frequently by Nutritional Therapists and Dietitians, to leave some clients slightly baffled. With poor blood sugar regulation being fundamental to many chronic, lifestyle-related conditions, I thought I would reproduce a recent dialogue from a clinic consultation which covered this very subject.

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A few clients have been asking about Turmeric – or more accurately – Curcumin, as a therapeutic anti-inflammatory for joint conditions, and as it is currently enjoying an explosion of research, I thought it worth a closer look –

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Natural Sweeteners

The press is rightly focusing attention on the detrimental health consequences of diets high in refined, processed sugar and now synthetic sweeteners (aspartame, sucralose, saccharin) have been shown to disrupt our beneficial gut microflora, so what is the alternative?  Well, mother-nature provides several natural alternatives and they just happen to be healthier, tastier, and rather than being ‘empty calories’ – actually provide some useful, healthy nutrients too.

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Hormone Disruptors

A key area I consider when my pre-conceptual clients are looking to optimise their fertility, is how much exposure they may have to chemicals or ‘xenoestrogens’.  The modern environment can bring us into contact with many different chemicals, both industrially, in the home, through our beauty products and through our diet.  We inhale them, ingest and absorb them, with implications for our health and reproductive ability.

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Artificial Sweeteners

So who thinks ‘Non-caloric artificial sweeteners’ are better for you than sugar?   Think again.

Wow, ‘the weighty cost of artificial sweeteners’ – I have always suspected these tiny innocuous looking alternatives (saccharin, sucralose, aspartame)  were wolves in sheep’s clothing!

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Gluten Testing

hGluten intolerance is on the rise, and ‘Non-Coeliac Gluten Disorder’ is a recognised condition, not a faddy diet option. Cyrex blood tests look at a multitude of wheat and gluten proteins capable of triggering an immune reaction, as well as a long list of foods with cross-reacting capabilities,

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