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GENES, to know – or not to know . . .

– that is the question.  And one that many people ponder when they consider purchasing a DNA genomic profile. Do I really want to know if great Aunt Maude’s dementia has an heredity factor to it?

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Blood pressure & Blueberries

All sorts of functional ‘Superfoods’ have recently been jumping on the bandwagon of nutritional health claims. Blueberries got the ball rolling over a decade ago.  Marketing health ‘claims’ can be persuasive, but don’t always reflect the facts with any real transparency. This blog hopes to unpick the science behind so-called super-foods, and separate the wheat from the chaff.

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Blood Sugar

It’s not uncommon for concepts like ‘blood sugar regulation’ and ‘insulin resistance’, used frequently by Nutritional Therapists and Dietitians, to leave some clients slightly baffled. With poor blood sugar regulation being fundamental to many chronic, lifestyle-related conditions, I thought I would reproduce a recent dialogue from a clinic consultation which covered this very subject.

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