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The Future of Medicine

Nutrition and diet is proving to be one of the most powerful, modifiable factors affecting our genetic expression.

Our genes are not always our destiny.  Many chronic, lifestyle related diseases that have a genetic component can be better managed if we understand how to work with our own unique genetic tendencies. So yes, it’s worth testing, because these tendencies and ‘disease risks’ can be down-regulated by adopting specific lifestyle habits, and certain dietary choices.

Read more in my blog article on the Qlu Health website:

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“Ultra-processed food may be linked to cancer”

This attention-grabbing headline was a huge success in that it provoked various journalists and broadcasters to give it prominent column inches and airtime, whilst seeking the opinion of various media foodies.  That they mostly dismissed the headline as scaremongering made me want to scratch a bit deeper and see what sort of study had reached this conclusion.

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