Functional Medicine Model

Functional Medicine is a new model of healthcare that views the patient’s symptoms from the perspective of their lifestyle, individual stresses, and diet.  It focusses on the person, rather than the disease.  Research estimates that more than 70% of chronic disease risk is attributable to diet and lifestyle.  
Conditions like Cardiovascular disease, Diabetes, IBS, mental health, obesity and Dementia are chronic states that science shows have poor diet and lifestyle choices as contributory factors, which affect gut health and produce metabolic dysfunction that can go on to challenge the systems of the body.  If left unaddressed, this can eventually reach a tipping point, at which time symptoms appear and a doctor’s diagnosis is sought.

Patient centred

By investigating upstream, addressing the cause, rather than just looking to suppress symptoms, Functional Medicine is able to promote prevention and wellness. It looks to address the multiple, underlying  factors that may be influencing your health and physiology. Supporting dietary and lifestyle change can halt the progress of many chronic, age-related, lifestyle associated diseases.
Reference; The Institute for Functional Medicine (2009) (


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