Areas of Interest

My three areas of interest, autoimmunity, gluten and fertility evolved quite naturally as these health issues occasionally overlap.  An underlying issue with autoimmunity is a hyper-permeable gut lining, so all autoimmune conditions can benefit from adopting a gluten free diet because gluten has been robustly shown in research to make the gut lining more ‘leaky’.  Of course the gut lining is meant to be permeable, but it needs to act like a fine cheese cloth, (allowing tiny digested nutrients through), not so much like a colander, (allowing undigested proteins and bacterial/viral products through), because our immune system – just the other side – will react to these antigens.  Those with a genetic predisposition can sometimes find these immune reactions develop into autoimmune conditions.

The next overlap is that autoimmunity can affect both testicular and ovarian tissue.  So when a couple find a tag of ‘unexplained infertility’ looming, with assisted conception being discussed without first looking at diet, lifestyle, or autoimmunity, consider seeking the assistance of a registered Nutritional Therapist with Functional Medicine training.

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