Restless legs & muscle cramp
I went to see Eleanor after years of multiple visits to GPs, to resolve a health issue. After seeing Eleanor my lifelong issue was solved, simply by taking Magnesium supplements! Her knowledge is exceptional, I now take these natural supplements and have had no issues since. I cannot thank or recommend her enough. Truly life changing.
Kerry (Surrey)
I began speaking with Eleanor following two very difficult miscarriages. I had undergone surgery for the removal of polyps in my uterus and my surgeon had recommended Eleanor very highly. After our first session it felt like she had already begun getting my health back on track. As a woman in my late 30s trying to conceive, I was worried it wasn't going to happen for me. However Eleanor was extremely thorough and helpful. She got me onto the right supplements and a diet that was tailored to me. Not only did she recommend things, but she explained in great detail why they were important for me, including following up appointments with reading material. A year later I am thrilled to say I went on to have a successful pregnancy and I now have a healthy baby boy. I will be forever grateful to Eleanor for the help that she gave me. I believe if it wasn't for her, the journey to having a baby would've been much harder. In addition to all that, I have stopped getting ill as often. I used to have terrible gastrointestinal issues and that's all gone away. My energy levels have increased and she also helped me with my severe restless legs. A GP would never have helped me to the extent that Eleanor has. I cannot recommend her enough. Thank you Eleanor!
Hayley (South West London)
Autoimmune thyroiditis
I can not recommend Eleanor highly enough. After suffering with low thyroid, and continually having to increase my synthetic thyroid hormone replacement medication, Eleanor identified the condition as autoimmune thyroiditis – Hashimotos. A plan was put together to manage the underlying autoimmunity and after 6 months, re-testing my thyroid antibodies, they were back down registering in the normal range, which was confirmed by my GP. My results have been remarkable.
Darren, London
Chronic constipation
I went to see Eleanor after years of visits to GPs to resolve a health issue. After seeing Eleanor my lifelong issue was solved! Her knowledge is exceptional, I now take natural supplements and have had no issues since. I cannot thank or recommend her enough. Truly life changing.
Kerry, Surrey
Dietary audit
I visited Eleanor after developing a habit of snacking. The questionnaire and consultation revealed that I was suffering from other issues too such as: bloating, tiredness, indigestion problems, which wasn’t being helped by my tendency towards too much carbohydrate and sugar. My typical breakfasts were rice krispies with orange juice and this can cause a short-term blood sugar peak that won’t sustain energy levels for very long and was causing my cravings for snacks. Eleanor’s dietary suggestions really helped and my breakfast now keeps me full until lunch time. She also helped with my evening indigestion, which has meant my reliance on indigestion tablets from the doctor has ceased. I can’t praise Eleanor enough for the excellent advice she gave me. I now feel like a new person and one of the benefits is having a good night’s sleep every night, which I haven’t enjoyed in ages. I have only had to make small changes in my diet to feel the benefits.
Edwina, Surrey
Stress & IBS
Eleanor Strang saw my daughter who had been suffering with various symptoms and bouts of ill health. She was thorough, totally professional, kind and easy to talk to. Eleanor carefully evaluated my daughter’s busy lifestyle and her food choices as well as listening to her list of upsets. This enabled Eleanor to treat my daughter holistically rather than just by her symptoms. Eleanor’s roots are placed firmly in the biochemistry and science of the human body, she has intricate knowledge of the body’s complex interlinking systems and so is able to optimise the functions of these, delivering scientifically sound principals with cutting edge, evidence based research, and all presented in an understandable way. My daughter received excellent advice on nutrition, was guided on supplements and a healthier lifestyle and is now in perfect health.
Tina, Surrey
I consulted Eleanor primarily to help with my chronic rhinitis and loss of smell and taste, which strangely developed after a cold and a period of fairly acute stress, though I’m not sure it was linked. After several trips to the GP and trying several different therapies, including acupuncture, none of which made any difference, I was referred to an ENT specialist in April 2013. The specialist thoroughly checked my nasal cavity, which resulted in no sign of anything untoward, but despite all efforts and therapies my loss of smell and taste did not improve. Eleanor then took a very comprehensive health history and analysed my diet and came up with a protocol that was anti-inflammatory and designed to ease congestion in my nose and sinuses. It did involve some specific supplements, for a short period, but it worked and within a week or two, my sense of smell started to return. It took some weeks for it to be back to normal, but I have now regained my full sense of taste and smell again which is as good as it was prior to my situation at the end of 2012.
Pippa, Surrey
After many years of trying to get pregnant, we began IVF treatment in 2014. Working with Eleanor on our nutrition gave us a confidence that we were doing everything we could. The advice was easy to understand. We feel that following Eleanor’s guidance has significantly contributed to Louise now being 13 weeks pregnant.
Steve & Louise, Woking, Surrey
Eleanor Strang has made an enormous difference to my life. I had suffered for over a year from stomach and bowel trouble, seen my doctor on various occasions and visited a specialist twice, with no solutions. Her common sense approach to my troubles, analysis of the gut microflora and subsequent treatment, have literally changed my life. I am suffering no longer and can now lead a normal life – previously arranging anything in advance was impossible, as I never knew how I’d feel. Thank you Eleanor.
Mary, London
Coeliac Disease
Having been diagnosed with Coeliac Disease in my early twenties, I continued to experience disease symptoms even after adhering to a strict gluten free diet, for over a year. Eleanor took the time to assess the symptoms of my ill-health and explore likely causes - including both dietary as well as wider lifestyle factors. Her expertise surrounding gut health gave me a much greater understanding of my condition and she offered clear nutritional advice and recommendations which allowed me to take the necessary steps to improve my health.
R.C. London

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