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How many of you suffer the occasional bout of heartburn? Judging by the sales of Rennies, Gaviscon and antacids, the answer is quite a few. 

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The Future of Medicine

Nutrition and diet is proving to be one of the most powerful, modifiable factors affecting our genetic expression.

Our genes are not always our destiny.  Many chronic, lifestyle related diseases that have a genetic component can be better managed if we understand how to work with our own unique genetic tendencies. So yes, it’s worth testing, because these tendencies and ‘disease risks’ can be down-regulated by adopting specific lifestyle habits, and certain dietary choices.

Read more in my blog article on the Qlu Health website:

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GENES, to know – or not to know . . .

– that is the question.  And one that many people ponder when they consider purchasing a DNA genomic profile. Do I really want to know if great Aunt Maude’s dementia has an heredity factor to it?

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Gut Microbiota and Probiotics: a review

Research on the microbial communities in our gut (known as the microbiota) has accelerated dramatically in recent years, thanks to developments in the technologies that allow us to fully enumerate and evaluate the bacterial species and strains that reside there.  We now know emphatically that gut flora plays a significant role in human health and disease, so do probiotics have a role to play?. 

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TURMERIC supplements – an update

I wrote about Turmeric in May 2015, covering its health benefits and supplement information, but due to its ever increasing popularity and the swiftness of scientific developments, I thought it worth an update.

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Micro-plastic particles and bottled water

Small, plastic particulate matter has already been found in beer and tap water, which is not surprising given that we know the oceans, rivers and estuaries are contaminated.  But finding a worse scenario inside many bottles of ‘pure’ mineral water is surprising.

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“Ultra-processed food may be linked to cancer”

This attention-grabbing headline was a huge success in that it provoked various journalists and broadcasters to give it prominent column inches and airtime, whilst seeking the opinion of various media foodies.  That they mostly dismissed the headline as scaremongering made me want to scratch a bit deeper and see what sort of study had reached this conclusion.

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SUGAR – some clarification

Sugar comes in many guises, but having some clarity on the terminology employed on food packaging should enable better informed choices when food shopping. So let’s take a closer look:

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Intermittent Fasting

Why do it?  Is this just another short-lived dietary fad?  If the research I uncovered gets widely disseminated, intermittent fasting might just stick around.

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FOOD GROWN supplements

How are they different? They invariably cost more than their synthetic alternatives, but do they represent value for money and are they superior in their ability to deliver more of the nutrients?

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