Functional tests

Laboratory testing can produce faster and more successful outcomes in Nutritional Therapy, by more accurately identifying underlying imbalances in a person’s physiology, manifesting as symptoms.

These are some of the functional tests used:

  • FunctionalDx (Advanced blood chemistry analysis). Read more
  • Gastrointestinal (PCR Stool and gut microbiome assessment).
  • Cyrex (Immunology, autoimmunity, gut hyper-permeability).
  • Breath test (SIBO, lactose intolerance, fructose intolerance).
  • Cardio Metabolic Profile (for cardiovascular & Type2 Diabetes risk).
  • Cardio Check FDX 21 (FunctionalDX blood chemistry specifically for cardiovascular risk).
  • Organic Acids (Genova Lab: Metabolic analysis, nutrient sufficiency).
  • DUTCH test (Regenerus Lab: Adrenal & Sex Hormones).
  • FERTILITYDx (full body fertility health, male and female).
  • Environmental Pollutant Profile (urinary metabolites from environmental toxins).
  • Oral EcologiX (Invivo Clinical: Oral Health & Microbiome Profile).
Laboratory vial

Blood Chemistry: Functional DX (Advanced Blood Analysis)

What can a blood test tell you? Actually quite a lot, but how many times has your doctor ordered a routine blood test, after discussing your symptoms, only to report it has come back as ‘normal’? Yet you don’t feel normal.

Blood chemistry analysis is also an essential part of a Functional Medicine workup, but the blood tests offered by FunctionalDX differ from traditional blood tests because they identify the optimal and suboptimal ‘functional’ ranges, that lie somewhere between the ‘normal’ and the ‘pathological’. These are advanced sophisticated blood tests that help to identify an individual’s hidden health trends, when they start to feel unwell, but before they’re likely to receive a diagnosis from standard blood testing.
The software uses powerful algorithms to assess up to 110 blood markers, and can reveal the state of both functional deficiencies and wellness, in all the main systems of the body. The analysis can shed light on the potential root causes of symptoms, before they have progressed into a diagnosable condition, and crucially at a time when a functional approach (using diet and lifestyle), can often rebalance and restore health.

Their ‘Functional Health Report’ is not diagnostic, but uses interpretative software to translate the blood data into a mass of clinically useful information. By evaluating biomarkers that are outside the optimal functioning range, potential health and disease trends are identified, as well as nutritional status and immune resilience. These analytical tools add accurate and insightful meaning to a patient’s blood test results. The consultation will then translate the information (your results) into a personally tailored diet and lifestyle plan, specific to your individual needs. Read more about FunctionalDX Testing here.

With these comprehensive results, a patient can be truly empowered to work preventatively with their Nutritional Therapist to restore health and well-being.

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