You can choose from two types of personal nutrition appointments – a 30 minute general nutrition and health check, and a 50 minute consultation to explore specific health issues.

30 minute health check

This is a general introduction to nutritional therapy. You can use it to check if your current diet is on the right tracks, or to ask specific nutritional questions. Why not use it as a quick MOT? Sessions can include a blood pressure check and helpful answers to any questions you might have.

50 minute consultations

These consultations are the best option if you have a specific issue you want to talk about. When you book, we’ll send you a health and nutrition questionnaire and a three-day food diary which you complete and return to us before your appointment.
This allows us to use the consultation time as effectively as possible, discussing any particular issues and talking to you about any tests we recommend, alongside general dietary advice. We can arrange treatment plans and follow-up consultations to support you as you put our recommendations into action. Four weeks is generally enough at this stage, and if you want to continue working with us, we can plan ahead as your dietary changes progress.
Treatment plans will often be communicated to your G.P. or healthcare provider with your permission and it is important that all medication is reported on the questionnaire. Thorough checks are done during the analysis of the questionnaire on all pharmaceutical prescriptions and over-the-counter medication, to ensure nutritional recommendations are safe with no contraindications.


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