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Spring 2017 newsletter

The Daffodils are bringing welcome colour to the garden and Magnolia blossoms are on the cusp of bursting forth as I type this. It’s definitely my favourite time of year! This newsletter will focus on a subject that I feel genuine passion about – gut health and the gut microbiome!

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“Good for Gut Health”

What is ‘gut health’ – is it merely an absence of gut disease?  ‘Good for gut health’ is a term often emblazoned on food packaging, though rarely do they explain what aspect of the food validates the claim.

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Gluten confusion

It’s no wonder the general public occasionally lose faith with healthcare and science!  A small column on page 19 of THE WEEK with an eye-catching headline in red: ‘The fad for gluten-free’, really does a disservice in the name of ‘Health & Science’,  . . . well of course it caught my eye!

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