Porridge Toppings

Let’s face it, porridge is like a blank canvas, full of potential, to serve as a great ‘support’ but it needs creative help!

Variations on a theme of porridge toppings are many, and the one above is just one suggestion.  Stewed apple with pecan nuts is a regular in my household (gut bacteria THRIVE when stewed apple becomes a regular part of your diet), and stewed ruby red plums almost elevates porridge to the status of ‘pudding’!

Whether you make it with dairy milk, nut milk, water or a combination of both, go for the large jumbo oats, for slow-release digestion – producing good blood glucose control, the added fibre benefiting gut health too.  Colourful berries add antioxidants, whether fresh or frozen and their beneficial anthocyanins help lower blood pressure.  Milled seeds add further nutrients and texture and remember to make nuts a regular addition for their healthy fats and protein – again, to optimise blood glucose control.  Get breakfast right and midmorning snacks will become a thing of the past.

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